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17 February 2014 @ 07:04 pm
Duet February 2014 Translation: Drive  

Q: Ride with me: Who would you want to bring along for a drive?

Yuto: I want Takaki-kun to drive and bring me to the sea. I think I will be taking photos all the time while I am in the car. Photos of the scenery, and also Takaki-kun’s side profile. I want to take perfect photos of his precious expressions which can only be seen from the passenger seat.

Yamada: Maybe Chinen. Of course I will be the one driving. As I don’t usually talk to him about serious topics, I think I want to try and create an environment where we cant run away from and we can talk slowly.

Chinen: Inoo-chan, to Nikko. If the both of us go out together I want it to be a quiet and refined place. Of course, since I don’t have a driving licence, Inoo-chan will be driving. I am interested to know how is his driving like!

Inoo: I want to go to the outlet malls with Dai-chan! Previously he invited me with “Lets go together in a car”, but I rejected as I had other appointments. Since I was forgiven, it will be my turn to invite him!

Hikaru: I want to go with Chinen to the onsen! Chinen is already 20, so how about having a mature ryokan course meal together? It will be a present from me for him turning 20.

Arioka: Previously I told Inoo-chan, “lets explore one of the secluded regions!”, so I want to explore with him while driving our own cars. Well, I think I am better at driving though. (laugh)

Keito: For now, I want Dai-chan to drive and bring me for snowboarding. Previously there was a time when Dai-chan and Yama-chan slipped and fell indoors, so I want them to try to go to a real snow mountain.

Yabu: I want to go on a drive with Inoo-chan where we can eat till we drop. We can go around and look for specialties and restaurants of different places. I will leave the driving to him! And “please wake me up when we reach!” (laugh)

Takaki: Maybe Inoo-kun. Because we have not gone out alone together before. If we go, the sea in Izu will be good! Both of us like nature, and we both have a diving licence. Our first drive will definitely seem fun!

[credit : skysj4.tumblr.com ]
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